How to create a pageEdit

At the top, above the orange line, click contribute and then click add page. Then type the name of your page and at the bottom click Add Page. Then you add content to your page. You might want to add a photo, gallery, slidshow, slider, table, or a video. Go under Add features and media and click what you would like to add. If you want to delete any of the features or the media than just scroll to the top right corner and click modify remove then click OK. If you want to add a category go to your right and type under Categories.

How to edit a page Edit

Go to the top of your page and beside the title click edit.

How to publish a pageEdit

Go to the top right on your page and click Publish.

How to find a pageEdit

Way 1:

Go to the top and then go to the green bar and in On the wiki go to Random Page. It takes you to a random page on the website.

Way 2:

Go to the right and under Recent Wiki Activity click on a page or click see more

Way 3:

At the top go to the orange bar then click Wiki Content and then click recently changed pages.

Way 4:

Choo-Choo Trains Wiki NavigationEdit

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