Do you like TV? Well heres some episodes you might like!!Edit

  • Regular show- Even the owner of this website loves Reg. Show, it is a funny show
  • Mad-Now heres a show that is plane-out crazy... awsome!!!!
  • Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu- this is my favorite show!
  • Johnny Test- i like this show because there always fighting monsters!
  • The Looney Tunes Show-Do you like looney tunes? well then you'll love the looney tunes show!
  • Adventure time-

Here are some Moveis you might like!!Edit

  • space jam- it's a movei were bugs bunny and friends are challenged by aliens and the have to go to the reel world to get some help from Michal Jorden!!!
  • Ice age1, 2 ,3 ,or 4 There all great!!!

Here are some toys that would be interestingEdit


Amasing tiny blocks you want and once you start wishing you had more!!!!!!!


Tiny little bugs, there robots but each of the has one of our senses!!!

Hex Bugs 6/12/12Edit

A Hex Bug is an electronic creature that can see, smell, hear, or feel. Some kinds of Hex Bugs play with you and some are remote control. They’re really fun, trust me! Do you know why they’re such a hit? They have a real personality!

Now for the funnies! Edit

Comics! The adventures of Super Larva and Captain Spider!

Super Larva (a super hero) was resting in his cave. Suddenly Captain Spider (a super villain) bursts in! They started fighting. Several punches were made then a few kicks. Finally Super Larva used his Super Roar too blow Captain Spider away!!!!!! And Mr. Nano saw the whole thing!!!!!!

Nanos Edit

The names of all the Hex Bugs are Spider, Larva, Ant, Inch Worm, Crab, Original, and a Lady Bug. The Inch Worm has a remote control. There are also Nanos. They are like Hex Bugs but they are smaller and they only come in one form but they have many styles. Hex Bugs and Nanos come in different colors too! There are 7 types of Hex Bugs and many colors of Nanos. I hope you have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was all just hexbugs!!

Now for some interesting BooksEdit

THE HUGER GAMES Is an amazing book!!